World Peace Day, pole dancing and unbranded calves

I woke up on World Peace Day to the sound of the Cape Town Marathon starting off in Green Point in Cape Town. Opening the curtain and staring up at the bluest of skies I felt really happy to be home again after 4 months away. There was a banner fluttering past in the sky above my window, pulled by a single engine plane. It said “Mavericks”. What a welcoming sight… not.

A maverick, if you don’t already know, is (in the US at least) an unbranded calf, cow, or steer, that is separated from its mother. Why would it be separated from its mother, you ask? Well, because its mother was a “dairy” cow who’d had a vet’s fist shoved into her vagina so she could be artificially inseminated. This, so that she could give birth, so that she could produce milk, so that brainwashed grown up humans could drink it. So they could get a milk moustache and look like Taylor Swift or William H Macy. The “unbranded” calf (like branding is normal and unbranded is a calf that is in some way deficient), having been snatched away from its mother awaits either a fate worse than death (imprisonment in a crate to be fattened up for the veal industry) or death.

Maverick has also come to mean “a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates.” That’s OK, but are we implying that these are the people who go to strip clubs? You’ll see what I mean…

It gets worse, because the third definition I am given by is this: “Maverick, an electro-optically guided U.S. air-to-ground tactical missile for destroying tanks and other hardened targets at ranges up to 15 miles (24 km).” Interesting visual for World Peace Day.

Fourthly it means “unorthodox, unconventional, nonconformist: a maverick fiscal conservative willing to raise taxes.” Ah, so that’s the meaning the banner was referring to I guess, along with definition number 2 (really?). Because Mavericks is a Gentlemen’s Club, “the most sophisticated strip club in Cape Town” and the purveyor of “80 beautiful girls who will pole dance and lap dance for your pleasure,” where discerning women are also welcome. Call me unusual, but I just find it so hard to imagine discerning women choosing to go to a strip club on their night off. Mavericks chose to advertise their product to the families celebrating World Peace Day on the beach and along the promenade. Glad I didn’t have to explain to my kid what a Maverick is.There’s something about this that makes me most uncomfortable… Is there perhaps a link between imprisoned and sexually abused female mammals (cows) and human females who sell their bodies for the pleasure of men? Why is it so often the females of the species at the receiving end of human abuse. This can be seen in homo sapiens, without a doubt, in male on female rape. But then we have female chickens exploited for the products of their menstrual cycle (erm… eggs), and cows, sheep and goats exploited for their milk.

So you think there’s no connection between Mavericks and female animal abuse? Think again. Perhaps it was good to be reminded of this on World Peace Day.
To change the subject completely, Sven and I did our bit for World Peace on our bikes: A bike ride and free hugs to the promenaders. 😉
And then we followed Jane Goodall’s request and asked our fellow citizens and cyclists what peace means to them. (Search for #PeaceDay and #RSvision on Facebook for more responses.) This is what they said:
   CAM00024 IMG_20140921_162432

One thought on “World Peace Day, pole dancing and unbranded calves

  1. But why is it that males are killed off young precisely because they can’t produce offspring – veal calves for example?


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