A Mystical Tree and Ubuntu Farewell

Last night we were hosted by Ian and Dawn Macfarlane at the beautiful and tranquil Ubuntu Wellness Centre in Cape Town’s Gardens neighbourhood. Gathered in the circle were the most inspiring and compassionate group of vegans I have ever had the privilege of meeting. They each brought a contribution of their most special vegan dish and we ate well, enjoying the spirit of Ubuntu that is sure to characterise our cycling experience through the countries of Southern and Eastern Africa.

We had a surprise in store for them in the form of the new movie Cowspiracy which we have been given permission to carry with us and show as we travel. What a brilliant and brave effort to highlight the “elephant in the room” within the global warming, environmental activism world. This movie will be premiering in South Africa in November. Make sure you take the time to go and see it. It is at once educational and entertaining, with very little of the gruesome footage that usually shows up in vegan films.

This event was surely inspired by the ancient fig tree, Nokuphila, in the courtyard of the MediSpa under whose wise branches Ian, Dawn, Sven and I first sat and planned how we would publicise our expedition into the new unknown (to us) world of Africa and her Ubuntu spirit.

Earlier this week we were miraculously whisked off to the Cape Town offices of Archbishop Desmond Tutu for tea and a blessing. I heard echoes of that saying in my head about once you are committed how the universe conspires to support you. Yikes! It is true after all!! I loved meeting him and his daughter Mpho and the beautiful people who run his office with such love and care. How many offices are run with the true spirit of Ubuntu, I wonder. That was always my goal back in the days when I ran my own record company.

In the pic above he was saying that no one ever tells you that when you get old you won’t be able to get up out of your chair!

We will carry his graceful energy with us as we leave next Saturday from Green Point Park.



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