Découverte Shop and Organic Vegan Café

I cycled into Colchester from East Bergholt to try this tiny little organic vegan restaurant. I’ve been a bit disappointed with the food I’ve tasted in English vegan establishments but this place was an exception. Truly the best vegan meal I’ve had so far in England (except for the awesome food my friends cook.)

It is run by a family team of Joan the mum, her daughter Johannah who is the owner of the quaint gift shop upstairs, and Roderick who is Joan’s son. They are all vegan and eat and serve only organic food. They sure have their work cut out for them! We whiled away the afternoon chatting and eating and I made some new friends.

Decouverte is at 6 Sir Isaacs Walk in a 400-year-old Grade 2 listed building. It is tiny and that’s part of its appeal; I felt like I had dropped in at their home for lunch. My quinoa burger was the best burger I’ve had in ages and wasn’t heavy like so many vegan burgers are. They served Booja-Booja ice cream with the homemade crumble and I was a happy girl.

Upstairs is a gift shop selling all kinds of stuff: clothing, ornaments, jewellery, etc. I also bought some organic soy milk and a stem ginger cake. Piling on the pounds here… lucky it’s back on the bike again tomorrow.

I highly recommend this cool little find in Colchester. Here’s the Facebook link.

(Note: they are closed for a week and will re-open on Saturday 1st October 2016.)

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