A cycle ride to Hout Bay and some Soul Food

The wind was showing as an unusual westerly on YR, my weather app. The mist that had rolled in overnight appeared to be lifting and I knew that today was my opportunity to cycle over to Hout Bay and try out the new organic vegan restaurant Soul Foods.

You’ll find them in Shoreline Centre which is opposite Pakalolo in Hout Bay, just before the road winds up Chapman’s Peak.

This was the ginger, lemongrass, basil, sweet potato soup. So far, so delicious. That was the first time I’ve ever had a soup where ginger was the main flavour and texture; having just recovered from a shitty flu I was happy to be eating this. The flavours melded together well and I liked the german sourdough drizzled with a drop of olive oil.

Main course: Oh my goodness – taste sensation! That’s raw lasagne made with a fresh cherry and sun dried tomato paste with a basil pesto, sandwiched between courgette slices and topped with macadamia nut parmesan-style vegan cheese; a thai veggie stir-fry with bulghur wheat and topped with lentil sprouts; a red cabbage slaw with slivered almonds and sesame seeds on top.

The menu changes according to availability of locally grown organic veggies. I loved the combination of raw and cooked, the exotic tastes and the very chilled music playing. 

My meal was a fitting tribute to Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful that two caring vegan women are willing to devote this part of their lives to feeding people healthy, organic and cruelty-free food. I hope the local Hout Bay crowd and the vegan community support them big time.


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