About Me

Me and Tittie on beach with flag Dramatic ColourSo this is me – with Tittie, my African bike – at my happiest, cycling along the beach on the South African Wild Coast in the middle of summer.

I am a free-spirited nomadic vegan girl. Those are the bits that are the most important. I am lots of other things as well: artist, coach, carer, freelancer, writer, blogger, photographer, vegan activist, anarchist, knitter, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, devotee, girlfriend, partner and friend.

This is what I’m not: mother, home-owner, car-owner, fully-fledged member of the rat-race, conformist.

This blog is about cycle touring, vegan food around the world and my thoughts and feelings about life from a compassionate perspective. I am very concerned about the state of our planet, the state of our health and our mistreatment of animals. What can I do to help the situation? I can, at least, try and raise awareness. I am hoping to find my worldwide vegan tribe as I travel.

I write about vegan food establishments that I have encountered along the way. I am not a reviewer. I was for a while – as you’ll see from my older posts – but, from now on, I will only write dispassionate vignettes about the places where I eat because tastes in food will always be subjective; just because I like something doesn’t mean you will and vice-versa.  Unless, of course, I am so overwhelmed by a taste sensation that I can’t control my adjectives. If a dining establishment – yes, even one that also sells cruelty and exploitation – takes the trouble to offer a truly vegan menu, they deserve to be made a fuss of.

Come along with me for a ride or two and I will share my current perspectives.